Our Board of Directors

  • Lee Hodges, President

    Lee entered full time ministry in 1967. Since that time he has ministered with churches in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Germany. Lee has also participated and directed mission trips to Ghana, Nigeria and Chad. Lee was appointed to lead Hope Springs International in July of 2008

  • Dr. George Goldman

    Associate Professor, David Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN
    Chair of the Department of Bible and Ministry
    George teaches courses in New Testament, Greek, and Faith & Culture.
    Dr. George said, “I believe in Hope Springs because it wonderfully combines two things that are often separated: teaching people about the Kingdom of God while at the same time helping them benefit from the in-breaking of the Kingdom in the here and now.”

  • Dr. Matthew tincher

    Emergency Medicine Specialist for TriStar Hospitals Nashville, Tenn

  • Barbara Hodges

    Barbara is married to Lee Hodges, President of Hope Springs International. Barbara works for Neurology Associates in Goodlettsville, TN

  • Todd Moore

    Todd is Director of National Healthcare Corporation in Gallatin, TN. Todd says about Hope Springs, “I believe in Hope Springs because this is an organization totally dependent on God for leadership, and totally committed in service to God where ever He leads, regardless of the cost (money, time, resources, etc.).  Hope Springs consciously chooses to join God in His work where ever He leads, and where ever He extends the invitation to join Him.
    I believe in Hope Springs because this organization is about empowering others to serve their families and brothers and sisters in their native country, city, village, community, etc.  Hope Springs is a willing tool in the hands of God, to be used as He sees fit, to accomplish His plans, according to His will.
    I believe in Hope Springs because this organization is about setting up and supporting systems to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the poor, and giving all the glory to God. 
    I believe in Hope Springs because of Lee and Barbara Hodges.  These two individuals are excellent examples of servant leadership, and when I look to them I see Jesus.
    I believe in Hope Springs because this is where God is leading me to serve.”

  • Clay and Tara Blair

    Clay is a Financial Consultant for Collier Wealth Management in Goodlettsville, TN He is married to Tara, who is a home schooling mom, and a member of our board

  • Dr.Van and Patricia Gilbert

    Adjunct Professor Lipscomb University. Van is a graduate of Harding University Graduation School of Religion. His wife Patricia is Vice President at Citigroup, CitiMortgage and serves as our Treasurer

  • Attorney John and Elizabeth Bradley

    John is a graduate of Columbia Law School and has been the City Attorney for the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee for over 36 years. His wife Elizabeth is a Nurse Practitioner with Cumberland Family Practice in Hendersonville, TN.  She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

  • Mike and Valerie Koski

    Mike owns MK Project Services and presently is construction supervisor for a major building project at 5th. and Broad in Nashville, TN. Valerie is a house wife.

  • Deborah Goins, MBS, BSHI, RN

    Deborah is Sr. Clinical Analyst, Front End EHR Strategy for Applied Clinilcal Informatics with HCA/Clinical Service Group. Deborah brings years of medical training and experience to our board. She also sponsors one of the children in our Orphan Care Program. Deborah is our Secretary of our Board.

  • Phil and Shannon Bathurst

    Phil is Managing Director and COO at Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services in Nashville, TN. His wife Shannon, is a housewife and part-time consultant in aviation. They have two young boys.

  • Dr. Scott Blackwell and his Wife Jill

    Dr. Scott is Anesthesiologist. He and his wife Jill have two sons and live in Gallatin, Tennessese

  • Rambi Ayala, Director of Operations for Africa

    Rambi is a graduate of the Jos School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria. Rambi left a very successful ministery with the Church of Christ Kado to take his present position with Hope Springs International. He and his wife Asabe have four children and live in Gombe State, Nigeria from where he directs our work for all of Africa. In 2015 Rambi was elected to the Gombe House of Representative for Gombe State, Nigeria.
    Rambi also holds positions in the following organizations:
    1. Member, Board of Trustees, Church of Christ-Nigeria
    2. Financial Secretary, Tangale Community Development Association
    3. Member, Nigerian Red Cross Society
    4. Member of the Whistle Blowers, Independent Corrupt Practices Commission.
    5. Member, Fraud Examiners of Nigeria
    6. Member, Nigeria Union Of Journalist
    7. Coach, Billiri BasketBall Team
    8. Adviser, National Union of Tangale Students
    9. Member, Nigeria Sociological and Anthropological Society

  • Pierre Rimorbe, On-Site coordinator, dono-manga, chad

    Pierre is the son of an evangelist and grew up in Dono-Manga. He is a graduate of the Jos School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria, and has coordinated our work in Chad since Hope Springs International became involved in 2009. His wife oversees the feeding of 85 orphans in our orphan care program.

  • Lazarus -Spiritual counselor

    Lazarus spends his days sharing the message of Christ with the hundreds of people who come each month to receive medical treatment at the Jordan Health Center. Many have come to Christ and churches have been started as a result of his work with the clinic.

  • sebastian djimadoumadiji, school director

    Sebastian is a graduate of the Jos School of Biblical Studies, Jos, Nigeria. After graduation Sebastian wanted to fulfill a dream to establish a school in Dono-Manga. That dream is now a reality with over 782 students presently meeting in thatch huts on the Orphanage Compound. The third permanent classroom building is under construction. Each building contains two classroom. There is a need for an additional three buildings providing 6 more permanent classrooms.