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Chad, Africa

Orphanage & Primary/ Secondary School
January 2024 HSI Compound.jpg

Let the little Children Come

During a visit to Dono-Manga in 2010, the District Manager for the greater Dono-Manga area approached us about the possibility of an orphanage. The death of parents due to AIDS, complications during childbirth, and the war with Sudan had left many children without a place to call home. Within a matter of months after our return, funds were donated by two families to build our orphan compound in Dono-Manga. We began to care for 40 orphans and that number has now grown to 125 as we are reaching out to more villages.


With clean water and medical care now available, the children stop dying! Clean water was also available in abundance so children no longer had to spend their day searching for water and for the first time in their lives they had the time and opportunity to go to school. The school opened in 2011 with 40 students and soon doubled, then tripled in size until today 1,330 children are receiving primary, secondary and senior secondary education.


Our school has the highest ranking in the state and is the only school in the southern part of Chad to offer French, English and Bible.


The school began with children meeting in thatch huts for classrooms. But due to the generosity of our donors a total of 7 school buildings have been built each containing two classrooms. In 2022 three additional school buildings with two classrooms each are being built and will bringing to total number of buildings to 10 providing 20 classrooms.

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